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At Lyxx we provide tools and services that make the web work.
Whether it's our free MX and NS record checker, our .htaccess syntax checker & validator, domain parking and sales, or our automatic http error alert service, there's something to help almost every busy webmaster.
Do you have one or more web sites to manage on a daily basis? If so, you'll understand that it's rapidly becoming an incredibly complex process.

 • How do I keep those 404 errors at bay?
 • Are all my scripts working correctly?
 • How do I stop all the junkbots wasting my bandwidth?
 • I know the IP address, is it a robot?
 • What about the scammers and hackers constantly looking for exploits?

At Lyxx we develop tools that we use every day to address exactly these issues and now you can use them too.

To help you get started we've made some of these tools available so you can use them for free. Although they're not the fully featured versions we use, we think you'll find them very useful anyway.

Once you're ready to take full advantage of the services Lyxx can offer, choose the subscription service that suits you.

The Lyxx team