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 Free Stuff

Use basic versions of the tools we use at Lyxx, for free.
MX and NS record checker

• Basic MX, A and NS record information from a domain name.

.htaccess syntax checker and validator

• Use our .htaccess validator to check your .htaccess files for over 25 basic syntax errors.

Reverse DNS lookup

• Get DNS data from an IP address.

Is it a robot?

• If you know the IP address, check it against our robot database.

My IP?

• What's the IP address of my computer?
The tools listed above can be used free of charge and without registration although automated use and/or hot-linking is not permitted and will result in further usage being blocked.

The tools are provided as is, with no warranty whatsoever.
By using the tools you agree to indemnify Lyxx and its beneficial owners against any claim for loss or damage, including but not limited to claims for consequential loss.